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82 Mustang GT

I have a 1982 Mustang GT 302 with 87,000 miles that I have owned since new.The car is in excellent original condition.I am experiencing a howling noise coming from the rear at all speeds.The car also jerks in all gears.It also seems to get worse the longer you drive.Any suggestions.

Automatic or manual? What’s the maintenance history of the transmission and differential?

4 speed original transmission and differentail.Never touched.Never changed gear oil although I did check and was not low.I would like to add that this car was never raced or abused.

I think most mechanics would agree that your transmission oil and your differential oil should be changed prior to 27 years of elapsed time. This could be a case of shutting the barn door after the horses have escaped, but I would strongly suggest that you have both changed.

'81-'86 model cars are the WORST ones ever built…They are “smog nightmares” with jerry-rigged emissions control systems that today are considered non-repairable. Your “howling” noise could be ANYTHING and without A LOT more information, impossible to diagnose here…

For openers, does the car have to be moving for the noise to occur??

Same oil in there since new, eh? 27 years. I think I’m beginning to see the problem.

The car has to be moving.I don’t believe this is emmission related.I am going to change to trans and rear diff fluid and see what happens.

A fluid change will not cure “howling” unless the gearbox in question was empty or nearly so…A good under-car inspection might be revealing…Don’t ignore the exhaust system and speedometer cable…