'81 Cad Seville dilemma

(For Tom: a “dilemma” is a “problem” being grappled with by a person with a college education.) What should I do? To Whom should I turn? One-owner (me) '81 with fully functioning 8-6-4 easily gets 25 to 27 MPG, interior is almost like-new. Want to know what to do with it. (Wife says I have to get it out of the garage, where it has been for years.)

Is it worth it’s keep as a collector item? If so that is between you and your wife. I would not consider it a candidate for real transportation. They were not very reliable when new, now it is worse and I would guess finding parts is getting difficult and will get worse.

Unless you have a 3 or 4 car garage, I would unload this vehicle as soon as possible. As indicated, this was not one of GM’s better efforts, and the car was unreliable from day one and parts will be very hard to get.

I would put it on eBay, and if it does not sell, donate it to charity and use the tax deduction. By all means do not give it to a nephew in college; these cars are like the Indian equivalent of giving someone a White Elephant!!!

These Sevilles come up from time to time at the various auto auctions I attend. I don’t recall any of them being sold much less bid on. In addition to their unreliability it takes a certain person to appreciate how they look. I would seriously consider donating it to charity or selling it on eBay as suggested earlier.