$800 for a new alternator, battery abd some belts?

My girlfriends Kia Sophia broke down and it appears to have been the alternator/battery that caused it.

The guys at the shop that towed it said that because the battery was so weak the alternator had to work harder and it burnt out.

The also said it will need a new serpentine belt(s) and a new battery.

Their going to charge her $800.00

Does that sound reasonable?


Sorry, this probably should have been in second opinions.

If it inclues the tow then it is still high end. Figure the alt costs at MOST $200, I dont know how hard it is to put in this car but lets say 2 hrs of labor at $70 per ($140). So we are now up to $340 + battery at $100= $440 + Diag time $70 = $530 + belt $50 + 1/2 hour to install= $615 + tow $150 (depending on distance)= $765 + tax… This is all high end, so this is the very most I would expect to pay, but it is somthing you can do your self if you are even remotely mechanically enclined. You also may be able to find some one who can do it cheaper if you shop around.

Thanks for the quick response.

To get a better feel for the costs involved, check with a dealer’s parts department for the cost of a NEW alternator. That’s what it sounds like the shop is going to be installing. Dealer prices can be quite steep.

That said, consider using a remanufactured alternator if one is available in the aftermarket. They are considerably less expensive.

have them put a new battery in it, and take it for a test drive to another mechanic for a second opinion!

just dont keep driving it or you will be stranded again!

a good electric shop that specializes in alternators (yellow pages) will be able to help you with more professionalism and trust on this. you just have to get it there.

you could ask them to take the alternator off and bench test it to see if it is indeed bad. i would suspect that they came to the decision that it was bad by other means???

if you ask them to bench test it, they will understand you want proof it is bad. and if they complain or start making excuses that they “KNOW” and dont need further proof go elsewhere.