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8 years of humming--could it still be a wheel bearing?

Hi! We are planning on taking our 2000 VW Jetta V6 on a 1000 mile road trip. I have been concerned about a humming noise coming from the front of the vehicle noticeable at highway speeds for 8 years. I have mentioned it to mechanics in the past but was always told it was just road noise. It was not changed by getting new tires, tire rotation and alignment. How can I be sure the wheel bearings are safe? Additionally, what should be checked to clear this car for take off–i.e.1000 mile journey? Thank you for any information!


Trans fluid check comes to mind.

A wheel bearing would have failed if it were the problem.

But what you might want to have looked at is the secondary air fan. This introduces extra air into the engine to keep the emissions under control. These fans can make a humming noise, or get so loud they sound like a jet trying to take off.