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7T bolts equivlent

I have some questions about metric 7T bolts, in my case found on a 80’s suzuki.

  1. I found multiple forum post about Metric 8.8 bolts referenced as being the equivalent replacement for the 7T bolts. But when i google the torque for the 8.8 it seems a touch lower than some the specs for the M6 bolts on my Suzuki. Can anyone shed any light?

  2. any reason not to just use 10.9s on everything? Ie harder to get out when broken or corded?


I’m not that familiar with bolt specs, but perhaps one of these charts will help.

  1. M8.8 should be fine.

  2. Usually, no problem, just upgrade to the M10.9. The exception to that comment is the use of M10.9 in stressed applications that are in high corrosion areas. The higher heat treating and alloy used tends to react more strongly to stress corrosion. Also don’t use them in exhaust areas unless its a a nut-and-bolt fastener that will just snap off. Avoid using them in a blind hole for an exhaust manifold for obvious reasons