79 Trans Am Overheating problem

I have a 79 TA with 32K original miles on it. Two weeks ago anti-freeze spilled out all over the engine compartment. Flushed out the radiator and checked hoses for cracks, checked the reservoir for cracks and found none. Yesterday it happened again and now i have a blown radiator hose. Before I take this thing apart again, can someone give me some pearls on how to troubleshoot this? Many thanks.

The most likely causes would be a faulty thermostat or faulty fan clutch.

Could I talk you into posting a photo of your car? Would be great to see what you have there.

How old are the hoses? Could be they are shot and just needing to be replaced. Time is as bad as mileage on rubber parts, perhaps even more when not run regularly. I know, I have lots of cars that sit. I’d change the hoses, run it up cold and check the hoses for pressure by squeezing them. If they’re rock hard, post back. You might have an over-pressurized system.