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78 International Scout that won't start when it is hot

I have a 1978 HI Scout that starts ok, runs ok, but then if it gets too hot, it stalls and won’t start until it is cool. Also, sometimes after driving it for a while and then stopping for a few minutes, it won’t start until it is cool, even without having stalled. Any advice? Could this be a problem with the carb?

Its much more likely to be a spark problem rather than a fuel/air (carb) problem. I’d guess at the ignition coil first. You might get a can of compressed air, locate the coil & the next time it won’t start use the air to accelerate the cooling of the coil. If that makes a difference replace the coil.

The stall/no start problem might be caused from vapor lock. Especially if the gas you use contains ethanol.

Carry a bottle of water in the vehicle, and the next time the engine stalls/won’t start, open the hood and pour the water on the fuel line going to the carburator. If the engine starts the problem is vapor lock.


Thanks guys, I will give those things a try first.