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69 mustang won't start

Have a problem with the car starting. It turns over seems to want to start while tuning the key as soo as you let go of the key it dies. At a loss. It has bee changed from points to high energy 6al box msd distributor.

Did this problem start when you changed the distributor?

No it was running fine. Has been for a few months. Went to the store and then home now here it sits.

Could be many things , I think you need to start with checking for firing & fuel delivery .

I did the fuel part I’m getting fuel . Working on checking spark.

Check the ballast resistor wire between the ignition switch and the coil.

If this wire burns, the engine will start while cranking, but shut off as soon as ignition switch moves to the run position.



When my neighbor had the same problem with his Tempo the idiot lights would not come on. A new ignition switch fixed it.

Did you replace the spark plug wires for the MSD brand? If you are using OEM, the wire between the coil tower and the center of the distributor cap is the first to go.

The most likely cause of the problem is the ignition resistor as stated above. Electronic ignition systems slowly eliminated the need for reduced primary voltage and that circuit was eliminated but it was a somewhat common problem on pre '72 models.

It sounds as this engine starts, but dies after the key is allowed to go to the run position

If so try this as a test.

Try to start the engine, but this time when the engine starts do not let the key return to the run position by itself.
Once the engine starts …slightly turn the key yourself to the run position. Like half way!!! It may take you a few times to get this right.

There is a sweet spot where the starter disengages but the ignition (spark) is still in the start mode inside the ignition switch.

If the engine continues to run in that sweet spot. but stalls when you turn all the way to “Run” , then the ignition switch is faulty.