68 mustang wont start

i have a 68 mustang with a 390 for about three years and have no big issues with it since its been restored. i havent driven it in about 2 months and decided to start it up yesterday, the car trys to start but will not fire on… i checked the carb and make sure that it was getting gas whenever i moved the throttle back and forth. i replaced the ignition module since i burnt it up while trying to start the car but it still wont fire on. spark plugs and wires are about 2 years old, reallly not sure what to do next, any suggestions?

Did you try starter fluid spray? If it starts with the spray but then dies, you have a fuel delivery problem. If it still does not start, then you have a spark problem.

Fuel bowl in the carb may be dry as well.

Exactly what kind of ignition system are we talking about? Your local parts store will sell you a special clip-on spark plug called a “Test Plug”…These can be very handy when troubleshooting no-starts…

Did you replace the stock ignition system? You stated that you replaced the ignition module, they didn’t come with those in 68.

I don’t think the 390 was a factory option in a '68 Mustang. The 390 in this Mustang was put in by someone later making this is a customized Mustang. We need to know more about the 390? What year is it? What kind of carb are you running?

In '68 Ford motors came with points and condenser from the factory. Electronic ignitions came later, and were available as aftermarket conversion units to get away from points starting in the '70’s. What type of ignition module are we talking about, Protonex?

Verify that the choke is closing.
Verify that it’s getting fuel.
Verify that it’s getting spark.

" i replaced the ignition module since i burnt it up while trying to start the car but it still wont fire "

THAT sentence has me worried…What happened…and what did you do with this module since? Your car is as basic as they come…Got fuel? Got Compression?..GOT SPARK…those are your 3 concerns. Let us know what you dont have…and You answered your own question of why it wont start.

Id be focusing on the ignition portion meself…but hey what do I know, right? I just do this for money…

Look into your ground wire on the module…if you burnt it up b4…it may have been due to a faulty ground…That black wire is as important as the Red…I always say…


Bullet was a 68 Mustang with a 390. It was a factory option.

Check the timing, and if you still have points and a dwell meter check the dwell angle.

Sorry Keith, the Bullet Mustang was a 1967 390 GT fastback…In '68, they got the 428 “Cobra Jet” engine. The 390 was dropped.

Also available in ‘68 if you had enough money and inside "pull’, were 427 and 429 “cammer” (OHC) engine options…These are as rare as hens teeth and used primarily as A/FX drag cars…

NASCAR had a 'homogulation" rule that allowed ANY engine in the lineup to be used in the NASCAR track cars. This allowed the Torino to use the 427 and 429 Mustang engines which were never offered in the Torino…

Think the 390 was available, both 2 and 4 bbl, in '68:

Sorry C-man, but I don’t think it was a '67. The link below shows a pretty memorable scene from the movie, and readily visible are the side marker lights on the car. Those markers weren’t on the '67s.


The 68 had two 390 options, one 427 and one 428. The 429 was not offered. The 427 cammer was not offered in the car but over the parts counter. It was designed for Nascar who promptly banned it.

Here is the FACTORY engine option list for the 1968 Mustang…

1968 Ford Mustang Engine Options:
A choice of four different engines.

200 c.i. @ 115 h.p. w/8.8:1 compression and a one barrel carburetor. Engine code ‘T’

289 c.i. @ 195 h.p. w/8.7:1 compression and two barrel carburetor. Engine code ‘C’

302 c.i. @ 210 h.p. w/9.0:1 compression and two barrel carburetor. Engine code ‘F’

302 c.i. @ 230 h.p. w/10.0:1 compression and a four barrel carburetor. Engine code ‘J’

390 c.i. @ 325 h.p. w/10.5:1 compression and a four barrel carburetor. GT Engine code ‘S’

427 c.i. @ 390 h.p. w/10.9:1 compression and a four barrel carburetor. HP Engine code ‘W’

428 c.i. @ 335 h.p. w/10.5:1 compression and a four barrel carburetor. Cobra Jet Engine code ‘R’

So the “Bullet Mustang” with side markers, was indeed a 1968 model…Many web-sites list it as a '67 model…

Today, THIS engine would be a nice replacement…Based on the 302 block…