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69 Camaro help

First time on here so I hope I’m getting this right. I know the basics but I could use some help troubleshooting what’s going on with my 69 SS. Start up and idle sounds normal. Once I put the 4 speed in 2nd and give it gas, it just doesnt take off like normal. Seems to bog down or does not pick up any power. Hard to explain but it’s been running great but last time out it all of a sudden starts acting up. Not sure what’s going on. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

1969 Camaro? That symptom to me sounds like a carb problem. You’d want to rule out vacuum leaks, ignition timing , and accel pump linkage as a cause first. I expect tho you got a clogged carb in need of a good clean out and rebuild. If you feel lucky, you could just replace the accelerator pump on the carb first.

Edit: You haven’t been messing with the carb’s idle rpm and mixture screws, right? This symptom can result if those get set incorrectly.

Thanks a lot for the thoughts. Have not touched a thing.

Alot of options, are you starting out in 2nd?

Nope. I got that part down. :+1:t3:

Remove the top of the air cleaner. With the engine at idle and warmed up, look down in the carburetor primary bores with a flashilight as you manually rev the engine quickly by operating the throttle lever with your hand.
Each time you rev the engine you should see a squirt of gasoline from the accelerator pump discharge nozzle.

If you do not see gas squirting then there is an issue with the accelerator pump. That’s not the end of the world and a quite common problem with carburetion. Hope that helps.
And yes, it’s one of those things that can be fine one minute and out of whack the next.


Thank you very much. I will def check that out.

Not sure why you are starting in 2nd but… I will guess that this is a “drive it on nice days classic” that sits in the garage all winter to gloriously burst free on the first nice weekend for a cruise down the boulevard, right? I am pretty sure the carb needs a full rebuild. Ethanol in the gas attacks the rubber in the carb (accel pump) as well as forms gum and varnish that clog up the little holes that control fuel and airflow in the carb. Be sure and check the gas filter looking for rubber shed from the fuel lines - especially if original - and replace all the rubber lines with new. Otherwise that carb rebuild will be compromised by more gook from inside the old lines. Good Luck, NICE car BTW!

Check the vacuum advance diaphragm on the distributor is working.

Also, advancing the timing a few degrees eliminated bogging with both my 69 and 71 Buick 350 V8s.

Good luck,


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You read it wrong. No I don’t start the car in second I simply meant once it is in second gear is when I’m getting the issue. Thanks for your thoughts. And it’s driving anytime I can just not when it rains.

Are you saying that you only have this problem when it rains?

Lol. Ummmm. No. It meant I don’t drive it in the rain. Wait were you kidding?

OK got it… it pulls OK in 1st and then stumbles when you shift to second. What carburetor is on this car? A Quadrajet or a Holley? Or an Edelbrock or another type?

Does this get worse if you go harder on the throttle? If it did, I’d suspect the fuel pump or fuel filter as the problem. Usually when the accelerator pump goes bad, it stumbles when you first step on the gas, in gear, but catches and goes like normal until you press the pedal again.

A fuel pump or filter problem might not show up in first gear unless you are doing a WOT run up to redline in first because the bowl has enough gas for first gear but by the time you hit second, it’s empty and can’t refill fast enough.

Exactly. It’s a Holly performance.

That sounds like how I would describe it. Seems ok in first but in second when I give it gas it just doesn’t get going or bogs down. I checked the fuel filter which is a inline cooper filter that appears to be clean.

Sticking mechanical advance is my first thought,

Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.

I have owned 4 Mustangs but alas no Camaros. The 1969 Camaro is my favorite. I envy you. It doesn’t sound like you have a serious problem. I enjoyed my “pony” cars and hope you can continue to enjoy yours.

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Thanks. It’s in real great shape and fun to drive. Just frustrating not being able to drive it or simply go right to the problem and fix it.