525 All dash lights on - fans on and off

525 with 145000 miles. I have an 06 BMW 525 that starts and runs great. No noised coming from the engine that would denote a problem. The car in the past has run hot but i do not believe the engine was damaged. All of the lights on the dash are on when the shouldnt be and the cooling fans continously turn on and off. I have ran the car at idle for 45 minutes or so with no problems other than the lights on the dash and the fans. Any suggestions

The vehicle may have a BCM that’s starting to fail.


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Depending what engine is fitted these have several temperature sensors, from memory the one in the bottom radiator hose is the main fan control. If the fan cycles on and of without pause it may well be the fan unit itself as it got its own internal control unit. It’s always worth checking the condition of the battery and it’s connections