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Dash and lights

I have a 2009 Honda element and at random my center radio flicks on and of and my a/c knobs will flash and it’ll say that my door is open but its really not and theres a clicking noise that goes with all the light flashing does anyone know what it could be

That’s one of the signs of a BCM failing.


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About how much does it cost

It depends on where you live.


Georgia I’m trying to get this fixed so I can sell itbut all the mechanics I go to cant figure it out

I would say you need a better mechanic. Have you tried a Honda dealership?

The problem you are having could be caused by a faulty power connection. The clicking sound you hear could be a relay tied to that same power. You might be able to locate the trouble area by tapping on suspected areas like the light switch using a screwdriver handle to tap with while watching the lights.