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4x4 trans

when i switch from 2w to 4w low or high and back i hear a (louder than normal?) noise. but it doesnt really shudder

Model, make, year and mileage would be helpful along with your best description of the noise. Are there new sounds when in 4hi or 4 low?

Is it when you shift or when you drive it? Most 4WD’s will rumble louder while driving in 4WD.

Do you have a 1952 Willies or a 2008 Hummer?

I’m assuming you have a 2003 Chevy K1500 pickup. Does the noise continue after you shift into 4wd or just occur during the shift to 4wd? Do you have Control Trac (part time 4wd, 2H, 4H, and 4L) or Auto Trac (2H, 4Auto, 4H, and 4L)? Control Trac is not for use on dry pavement. Auto Trac in the 4Auto can be used on dry pavement. The front axle is only engaged when slippage is detected.

Ed B.

2003 k 1500 150000miles
i hear it when i shift between 2h 4h 4l …back and forth
its not so much a grinding but it doesnt sound like a manual shift sound

no the noise does not continue
just occurs when the actual shifting is in process
just wondering if it is normal cause i have never owned a push button 4x4