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4X4 ok, 2X4 makes horrible sound

So about 2 weeks ago I had a new clutch put in my 1992 Ford Explorer. Last week, randomly one afternoon, my front tires locked and would not move forward but would in reverse. Once I put the car into 4 wheel drive, the car moves fine but now when I put the car back into 2X4, it makes this really bad grinding noise, but does accelerate. What the heck could that be and should I go back to the guys who put in the clutch and try to make them fix it given that this only started happening after they worked on it.


When the clutch is replaced in your vehicle the transmission/transfer case have to come out as one unit. When these were reinstalled something may have gotten messed up with the transfer case controls. Because it sounds like a problem in the transfer case.

Since this problem didn’t come on until after the clutch replacement, I’d bring it back to whoever did the clutch service and have them double check their work.


Great, I appreciate the fast response.