4x4 axles won't turn front wheels/

Dodge 1500 1997 4x4, no 4x4, CAD is locked in. Axles spin spider gears but, Ring n pinion won’t turn axles, no metal or busted teeth no play. Only thing I found was driver side front pads were metal to metal. why no 4x4? GO! p.s. I own Ford, Dodge, Chevy and Jeep trucks.

If you have both wheels raised turning one wheel will spin the spider gears and rotate the opposite wheel in the opposite direction. The ring and pinion remain still because there is more drag turning the drive shaft and transfer case than the other wheel.

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axles and spider gears turn but my front wheels won’t spin in drive and transfer case in 4l or 4h

Do you have locking hubs?

How do you know the axles are being driven by the xfer case? The front axles will indeed turn if the hubs are locked and the vehicle is moving, but that doesn’t imply the xfer case is doing it. The movement you are seeing may be sourced from the hub, not the xfer case. In that case the problem is the xfer case.

No locking hubs.

No locking hubs

No locking hubs.

You did not state whether or not the front drive shaft is turning. Do you have it up on a lift or jack stands?
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