4wd to maintain lubrication

in the truck manual…it says to drive in 4WD mode for at least 10miles per month for proper lubrication…is this really necessary? because i was told that in 4wd you should be in slippery, snow, off road condition else it can damage the truck…we’ll its hard for my to find those conditions all yr round here…how to get the miles in? mostly drive pavement

Seriously, you cannot find a lot size piece of non-paved surface? time to sell that 4wd. Really if you live so far outside of a place where 4wd is required (or could be used recreationaly) why do you have one?

If you can find a 10 mile straight stretch of road you can go into 4WD. The problem with 4WD on dry pavement is when trying to turn. Because a 4WD system has a transfer case instead of a center differential, it doesn’t allow the front and rear differentials to rotate at different rates while turning which results in binding up the transfer case. But on a straight road it shouldn’t be a problem.


---- Gravel, sand, and dirt will do also. ----

A driveway, parking lot, or rural road.

You can drive on dry pavement in 4WD as long as you drive in a straight line and don’t turn. You can also put it in 4WD on grass or some other surface that will allow the tires to slide.

Personally, I think this sounds like a great excuse to go off-roading once a month.

Truly; if your vehicle wasn’t intended to go off-road, why does it come with an air filter?

…because dirty air doesn’t happen only off-road. Just look at all the people wearing respirators in China.

For every gallon of gas your vehicle consumes it also consumes 10,000 gallons of air. Air filters ARE needed.

Follow the manual’s instructions. Does it say anything about what conditions need to be present for the 10 miles per month, and that you shouldn’t make any turns? Let the manual be your guide.

Gravel road…Get out of town…it’ll do ya good

if your vehicle wasn’t intended to go off-road, why does it come with an air filter?

I would guess the same reason my VW Beetles (both old and new) came with air filters, as do all cars I know of.

What year and manufacturer is your truck?