4runner power V6 or 8?

Plan to buy a new 4runner and am wondering if those already driving one are satisfied with the V6 engine or wish they had a V8 instead? I won’t be using it for offroad driving just urban city, highway trips. Current vehicle is Yukon V8 and really like the power when I need it for merging toll roads, just not sure if this will make a difference in the drive. Thanks alehar

I’m more then satisfied with the V6…It’s extremely powerful. I also tow a 3,000lb trailer during the summer with 3-4 people and it has no problem.

This is very subjective question. Some folks are fine with less power, others want all they can get. It seems you will get all the power you need from the V6, but it won’t have the “merging” power of the V8.

I suggest you test drive both V6 and V8 examples of the car and make up your mind. The V6 should get better gas mileage and be less expensive to maintain. If you like the feel and sound of a V8 it will be worth the extra dollars per year you’ll spend on fuel. I think both engines require regular gas, but if one requires premium that will add to the running costs over time.

Normally I always say “Go with the big engine” But in this case the V6 is sufficent for most needs.

We own a 4Runner that we bought new in 2003. Ours has the V-6 engine and it does very well. The year we bought ours, the V-6 had a higher rated horsepower than the V-8, although the V-8 had a higher rated torque. This changed in the following year. Our V-6 certainly has the power to merge onto interstates and we use this as our road car. Interstate driving runs from 22-25 mpg–city driving from 16 - 18. I drove a V-8 when we bought our V-6 and I didn’t see much difference.

I don’t know how the 4Runner is set up now, but in 2003 the V-8 had permanent 4 wheel drive–4 wheel drive was always engaged. Ours has selectable 4 wheel drive. It can run in 2 wheel drive or can be run all the time in 4 wheel drive. There is also a 4 wheel drive low range and a button to lock the differentials if you really get stuck. My wife particularly likes the 4Runner.

Why not test drive each and determine in the conditions(like merging) if the V6 vs V8 is worth it?

I was going to suggest he test drive the v6. If it’s ok, don’t try out the v8, he’ll probably like it better!

In 04 the V6 became a 4.0.

Current HP ratings

4.0 V6 - 236hp
4.7 V8 - 260hp

Test drive them and see what you like…I saw no significant difference when I bought my 05 4runner…It has plenty of power.