4runner Brake lights flickering

So yesterday I had my brakes changed in the front including the rotors because they were ridiculously worn down. But since I had them changed my parking break light keeps flickering on and off, when I accelerate, sometimes when I turn or go over bumps, but not all the time. I can’t find anything consistent. The fluid was topped off, I’m just wondering if its a bad sensor or if there could be something else. It also does not look like its leaking either.

I think this is a question for the brake shop .

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Not sure about your car but my brake light will turn on when parking brake is on if parking brake is not on light will come on if there is a problem with the brake system as VOLVO-70 say’s ask the shop that did your brake’s…

The float in the brake fluid reservoir may be sticking or failing. After you are sure the reservoir is full, unplug the fluid level sensor and road test the vehicle to see if the warning light stays off, if so you need to replace the brake fluid level sensor.