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4l60e Trans service question - GMC Safari

Hey folks - I have a 2000 GMC Safari, my second such Astro/Safari beast, and have just noticed the beginnings of a tranny hick-up. I have 100,000mi on it, and just returned from a 500mi day trip in 95 degree weather. After several hours highway driving, I pulled away from a stop light she banged into 2nd gear a bit. My last Astro had the same problem, except it wouldn’t take near as much heat build-up, and once hot, the 1-2 shift would feel like the rear end was falling out. After some research, I have found that this is a common problem, and relates to torque converter overheating and premature tcc valve wear. The solution is replacing the valve, and installing a shift kit (I’m looking at a Transgo product). My question is, can I easily enough remove and reinstall the valve body without pulling the tranny, and for those who have done the job, what kind of special tools I may need. Thanks!