4 Post Hydraulic Lift Capacity

I was wondering if I could have some advice from anyone out there who owns a 4 post lift. I’m about to purchase a 4 post hydraulic lift for my garage. Ceiling height is not much of an issue (height of over 13’). My question for those who have one is what weight capacity you would recomend ?? In addition to working on my familie’s vehicles, I intend on storing my pickup truck on it(1997 F150). The lift I am interested in is listed as 7000lb capacity (and the truck weight is listed as approximately 6000lb). The next size up is a 9000lb capacity and the price goes up by over 30%. Any suggestions ?? This isn’t one area I don’t want to short-change myself, but by the same token, don’t want to spend extra money needlessly.

As long as you don’t excede the lifts weight capacity it should support the vehicle.

However, there are high quality lifts and deadly lifts.(imports)

Before spending the money for an expensive lift make sure it meets the ALI certification http://www.autolift.org/purchasing.htm


Tester : Just checked out the website - thanks

Personaly I wouldn’t like to see so little ‘head room’ in capacity. I’d go heavier.

'Cuz you know, Once you have that in place ( and it is a long term investment ) you will undoubtedly be asked by everyone who knows you have it; " uh, gee, can you look at my truck too " or "Hey man, can I like, use your lift ? "

As years pass, you’ll both, forget to check capacity AND wish you’d gotten the bigger one.

In my Ford garage, the alignment’s 4 poster is 12,000.