350 ramjet in a 97 s10?


I have been trying to get a v8 in my s10 for the last 2years , started with a lt1 from a camaro but after some major headaches and trusting the wrong people i found that it was useless, I am now interested in the crate 350 ramjet , and was wondering if I will have any clearance issues with the tall intake on it,I currently have a 2.5" cowl so im hoping it will be ok, also is this the best choice, I am wanting to stay fuel injected and this looks like my best bet and i havent seen any in a s10. Any thought on this would be appreciated, thanks


I can not speak with any authority on whether you will have adequate clearance or not, but if you cannot get the LT1 in and working after 2 years what makes you think dropping the crate 350 in will be easier?
Are the problems fuel/electrical related or fitment?

At a recent car show here a guy had a beautiful Ford Falcon with an SEFI V-8 in it and there’s half a dozen Pintos and S-10s running at the drag strip here on a regular basis that are V-8 equipped; some with FI and some carbed with tunnel rams.
One of those S10s is running a beefed up 454 even.


the biggest problem I had with the v8 is the optispark, putting the distributor in front is where i lose some of the space, and the fact that the guy that did the rebuild on the engine was also the same guy that dropped the job and screwed me over. And I am not sure how the engine will run , I just figured that in the long run I would be better off with a crate engine, at this point I am more frustrated then anything else