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$3200 later.... 2012 Chevy Equinox

Well finally got my 2012 Equinox out of the shop!!! $3200 total for repair. Was due to the oil consumption problem known with these vehicles. New manifold, pistons, piston rings, my valves were burnt up, timing. Pretty good list…lol! I have it in writing from the service dept. that it was due to oil consumption problem. Going to send that into GM… I used a certified GM service dept. (where i got my car from). So we will see what they have to say! At least I have my car back!!!

I wish you good luck!

the gm dealers service dept is certified?
does a certified service dept do better work than a noncertified dept?
did you buy suv new?
how many miles on this suv?

Maybe, maybe not. I think the point is that it would be more difficult for GM to contest what they did to fix the problem if they are certified by them as an authorized repair shop.

That’s a pretty reasonable price for all that work. Glad you are back on the road w/a smooth running Nox. Best of luck.

It will be easier for me to get GM to reimburse me back since I used one of their certified Service Departments. My car does qualify for the Special Coverage Warranty…due to the oil consumption problem. They sent a letter to all the people who owned the 2012 Equinox’s but the warranty is good for any owner! So we will see how it goes!

No, bought it used. Not saying that a non certified shop is not better, but GM requires a certified shop to do the work. Why, I have no clue!