3100 Sfi V6 engine tick when accelerating. Oil additives not helping

2003 buick century. Ticking noise when accelerating. If i put the peddle to the floor there is no ticking. But when i properly accelerate it ticks. Driving me insane. Oil additoves not helping. Would changing the spark plugs possible help fix this issue? Been told by a mechanic it sounds like lifter tick. He said its probably nothing to worry about. But it is driving me insane! Anyone have any solution for a pure 100% car novice?

It has a GM push rod engine.

Push rod engines tick.

How many miles on this car?


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ever had the intake gaskets changed? the 3400 is akin to this motor and its common to leak coolant into motor. when you pull the intake to replace them it is real easy to change the roller lifters. which may help with noise. can inspect roller rockers too.

When you press the pedal all the way to the floor the computer recognizes this as you need maximum acceleration, so it turns off the EGR system. So with no EGR, no ticking. That may be a clue to what’s going on. Suggest to have the EGR system checked out.

Ticking sounds during acceleration can be due to parts rattling inside the engine, but can also be due to minor engine pinging. If the spark plug gap has increased beyond spec due to wear over miles driven, that can cause pinging.

This may or may not be relevant. Years ago, my dad had a 1949 Dodge. It made the same clicking noise you describe. It was a bad exhaust manifold gasket and the “clicking” noise was the exhaust from one of the cylinders escaping around the defective gasket. I would probe around with a mechanic’s stethoscope and see if you can locate the source of the noise.

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The car has 120034 kilometers on the motor. I checked the oil its due to be changed in under 500km and the oil looks almost new. No coolant or any other visable leaks. I just bought this car and have no history of any repairs. Lower intake is i guess what i should look at? My only issue with doing it is the cost of that is more then i paid for the car.

Intake gasket job is 400? 4hrs labor? Or 6? If u paid 500 for car than that’s a good price for a 80k mile car. I don’t know what is making your noise. If your not using coolant than it’s probably ok.

I actually only paid 200 for the car. Friend of the familys grandfather lost his license due to vision amd told me 200 and its all mine. Its been to 3 garages now. 1 guy was a scam for sure. Said about 1300 for parts and labour. Garage #2 says 700 and it could change if there is anything else wrong once they get the motor open. The third garage said 500 to do the intake but it may not be the problem. And to know 100 % they have to get in the motor to know. Honestly at that price tonnot be certain i rather attempt myself (only ever done plugs and oil changes) or drive it till it blows up. https://youtu.be/p--oi0zGAGQ this is a video i put on youtube of the problem

rocker arm studs do pull out of heads.
could be sticky stuff from little use?
video did have a good amount of clatter. that is not spark knock

Maybe the problem is spark knock. Fill up with 93 octane and see if the problem is eliminated.

Never figured out the problem. But fixed it. The method we used was def a radical idea but it has fixed the problem. No more sound and car is running great. This was a dumb idea we tried but it was succesful. I wouldnt recommend doing this unless its a 200$ car like mine. We filled the motor with 10w30. And im talking filled. The motor was 100% full. We let it sit for 1 hour. Pulled the plug and let it all drain out. Left the plug out all night as well as removed the filter. In the morning we did a proper oil change new filter changed the plugs and did a proper oil change. Somehow it worked. Has been a week and now more click. No more nothing. Its purring like a kitten. No idea why it worked. Was just an idea we had and for a 200$ car was worth the risk.

I worked with a guy who would fill his engine with Kerosene (basically Motor Flush). Added more then double what engine called for. Then drain change filter and add oil. I wouldn’t recommend this since those bearings had zero lubricant at startup.