3057 vs 3157 bulb

What is the difference between 3057 & 3157 (aside from the #)? Can I use either one for my 2005 Camry brake/tail light? Are both bulbs interchangeable? Thanks for your help.

Take a close look at the bulbs. Doubt they are interchangeable. The difference could be size, contacts, color and a few others.

One bulb may have a single filiment and the other a double filiment. Look close. And if that’s the case, they’re not interchangable.


They are physically interchangable! For the most part you will see no difference. The 3157 is a little brighter than the 3057 when the parking lights are on. For brake light/turn signal flash, the brightness is the same. It would be best to see what the bulb on the other side is and use the same thing. Better still to replace all the brake lights now. If one has failed, the others are probably close to failing too.

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They are both double filament.

No they aren’t interchangable. If you look at the brass colored area you will see two little prongs. One is lower then the other one. Also, there are two contact points on the bottom of one bulb. You can force one bulb into the opposite socket and it might work if you get it just right, But the double filiment, double contact bulb will melt the lens of a car that is meant for one filiment.

Again, they are both double filament. I have a package of each bulb right here. Sorry, but they do interchange. The wattage difference is in the milliwatts. It won’t cause any melting. The wattage of the bright filaments is the same. The only physical difference is slightly different resistance readings of the parking light filament. There is no brass colored area. These are wedge plastic base bulbs. These are not the old round twist in type bulbs. See link below for a picture.

While researching a similar question I found this link to a GE spec sheet: http://www.topbulb.com/find/Catalogs/GE_Mini_Sealed.pdf

The bulbs are, indeed nearly identical.

It’s called “shelf space”. Make the parts stores stock as many bulbs as possible. And belts. And hoses. And filters.

They are both double filament, wedge type bulb, & can be use interchangeably. From the website you provided, they belong to the S-8 group. Thanks.

Yes, they are both double filament & can be used interchangeably. They are the wedge type bulb, not the round twist type. Their difference in brightness is minimal. Thanks.

As a rule, I only reply about things that I know as certain fact. Apparently, some here have the opposite rule.


no you did thier job,not to hard to click on a link and get the answer,if they are here they have the capability.so if you had the answer,why did you not post first. because you had to go find it for them.

Hey, I posted second. What do you want. I don’t live on this board. And, no I didn’t click on a link to get the answer. I answered because I have packages of both bulbs here with me. Why, because I went through this same issue a couple of months ago. I found a link to a picture of one after it because clear that someone here with some sort of “beef” was thinking about some entirely different bulbs than the ones that were asked about. The entertainment value of this board is beginning to where off for me…

Pulled out a burn 3157k, they are out of stock at Walmart so I bought the 3057’s and works just fine … can upload picture if requested

I’m still trying to make heads or tails out of the post just above yours @flsteamer , what’s all that about? … lol …

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Huh? What “Arbercrombie nonsense”?

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