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305 chev engine that will only run on four cyc

ok here is what i have found out about this engine. its in a 1989 pontiac trams am turned port injection the injectors on the driver side will not fire a noid light the left side is working like it should all spark plugs fire when the engine runs the right side of the injectors will not blink a noid light. both right and left set of injectors have voltage where the plug conects to the injectors. i think the computer should ground the other wire in the injector wiring harness and that should fire the injector. i have checked all wiring it seems to be ok .installed a rebuilt computer with a new prom new distributor done about all that i can think of the car will only run on four cyc just getting gas on the left side right side is dead spark plugs work fine on right side has no gas from injectors what is my problem

thanks larry coffer

My answer would be the same as the first time you asked this question.
The injectors should be fused in sets of 4 so did you ever check the fuse for the dead set of injectors?

yes i checked the fuse both fues are good i have power on one side of the wiring harness going to the injectors.

Resistance check at least one of the wires from the controller connector to the injector. It’s possible one half of the engine harness is bad. Unlikely, but possible. Check the resistance of the injectors too and compare to the good side.