30/60/90 fluid change plans

Are these protection plans (such as the one by BG Products in Wichita, Kansas) a good idea or are they just a money maker for service stations? Essentially, by buying fluid changes at faster-than-usual intervals (every 30k miles), you get free service/replacement if you have a problem with your transmission, power steering, cooling system, brake system, etc.

I’m sure that a ‘BG’ sponsored fluid change plan will be much more expensive than just having the fluid changed. The EXTRA cost wouldn’t be worth it to me.

There is nothing wrong with having the transmission fluid and brake fluids changed at these intervals. The cooling system can go much longer with the new long life coolants and I don’t think the power steering benefits much.

You need to read the fine print on your contract to figure out exactly what free services they will/won’t perform. They may specify only those services related to the fluids they replace but not to the more common problems with the various systems.

Would they do parking brake adjustment? Replace the serpentine belt? Probably not. It is conceivable that they would weasel out of a great many repairs you assumed would be covered. I cannot recommend such programs.

It makes sense to change the transmission fluid at 30,000 to 40,000 miles. Brake fluid should be changed every 3 to 4 years.