30,000 mile maintenance

What is the “true” list of items needed for 30,000 mile maintenance on a 6-cyl mazda tribute?

It is in your owner’s manual.

The only thing that I would stray from in terms of the owner’s manual is the transmission fluid service interval. The dealer maintenance schedules normally leave too many miles in between. It is best to have the pan dropped & filter changed every 36K mile.

Other than that, follow what the manual says.

Essentially, I agree with cigroller.

Car maintenance should not be a mystery. Simply open the Owner’s Manual and refer to the Mazda Maintenance Schedule and its list of procedures for the 30k service.

I agree that the transmission should be serviced, even if the manual does not mention this procedure. However, I urge you to do this service every 30k, and not wait until 36k.

Also, whether the Maintenance Schedule lists it or not, you should have your brake fluid changed every 30k.

What did the dealer tell you it needs?

I agree with the other suggestions about transmission fluid and brake fluid. 30,000 miles is the beginning of the interval when you might consider these. I’d put the upper limit at 40,000 miles.