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30,000 mile ckup

what is the essential things i need to do ?

my funds are somewhat limited..

thx for any help..

If there have been no calamities (accidents, curb strikes, major potholes, etc…), I would get the oil changed if it hasn’t been done in the last 4,000 miles or so. I would also look at the brakes and tires (front brakes and tires will usually wear a lot faster than those on the rear).

A Toyota with 30,000 miles really shouldn’t need anything in the way of repair. If it has ever tangled with a curb or a really bad pothole, it would be good to have the suspension and alignment checked.

Look at the service maintenance manual that came with your Yaris. Most cars will need fluid & filter replacements, and maybe spark plugs.

A dealer will suggest that you do much more that may not be needed. Your manual is your friend.

If you don’t have one, try google or just let me know. I can go outside into the pouring rain and get mine and look it up for you.

(I have a 2007 Yaris)

Do what the owner’s manual says.

Since we have no idea what make model year mileage etc. we have no way of giving you any additional information.

Assuming that you want (a) your car to last, and (b) any warranty you have to remain valid, you need to do at least the things listed for 30K miles in your owner’s manual or service schedule.
Please note that services are done by time as well as mileage. For example, if your car is six years old, you need to do the services listed for every 6 year or 60K miles (or whatever the miles figure is). You’d also need to do anything listed earlier that you didn’t do yet.

Well, it somewhat depends.

One of the 30k items in my manual is to replace the cabin air filter. You can skip that pretty safely, and on some cars that will knock $100 or more off the bill.

There are essential scheduled maintenance items (timing belt, tranny fluid, oil change, etc) and there are non-essential scheduled maintenance items.

Do what your manual says you should do.

Staying on top of the preventive care ultimately can save you money. For example, whenever I bring my car in, I always ask the mechanic to check the brakes - most of the time, he can replace worn pads before the rotors get damaged, which helps save a few bucks.

One other point that has not been mentioned is that you need not have the work done at a Toyota dealership. The work to be done is largely generic and can be performed by any independent mechanic, typically at substantial savings. Make a list of the specific work you want (see the owner’s manual, and we can also advise). Bring your list to a recommended mechanic and get a quote. It will likely be significantly less than a dealer’s quote for the entire works.

The only essentials are the oil/filter. And air filter if not changed in the last 15k miles.

Keep driving…

Okay, I checked my maintenance manual for my 2007 Yaris Liftback.

It says at 30,000 miles (or 3 years) to change the oil & oil filter, air filter, rotate tires and then gives a list of things (hoses etc) that should be “inspected”. Pretty much the same as every other 6 months or 5000 miles up to this point.

What is interesting is that recommended maintenance advice goes up only to 120,000 miles (or twelve years). The manual says that you should change the coolant at 100,000 miles (or ten years) and to change the spark plugs at 120,000 miles (or twelve years).

I know that goes against the advice of many of the regulars here. I certainly won’t wait the recommended time to change the coolant and spark plugs on my Yaris.

The manual doesn’t mention brake fluid replacement. It only says to inspect the brakes at certain intervals.

thx… jacquie

mine is also a2007…looked in my manual it agreed with u …

thx. for being willing to get wet…


thx that helps now to find an honest good mechanic…