3 hours for Oil Pan Gasket repair?

I drive a 2001 Mazda MPV with 130,000 Miles. My dealer tells me it will take 3 hours to repair an oil pan gasket that is leaky and 2 additional hours to repair an engine hose that is causing a PO171 Code - Could it be a spark plug? Code reads “system too lean”

Is the pan easily accessible at the bottom of the engine, or does other stuff have to be removed (and reinstalled after) to expose the oil pan? Skid plates, hoses, other stuff? If so, that might explain the length of time.

No idea on the engine hose.

My 1998 Buick Regal has a leaky oil pan gasket. You need to shackle the engine, remove the motor mounts, and drop the engine a smidge to remove the oil pan. I believe it. In fact, I would be happy with a 3-hour job. Does anyone have an A-Frame I can borrow?

The labor guide calls for 1.8 hours to replace the oil pan gasket on this vehicle. A lean code can be caused by many things, especially a vacuum leak.

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