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Changed oil myself for first time and oil dripped till it was empty?

I just got the car and it was sitting for 6 months and had little oil in it I changed the oil and all the oil dripped out in 4 hours did I do something wrong or is there just a leak? it dripped from the middle of the pan and not from the plug or oil filter. Should I just replace the pan or what? I’m new to cars I’m 17.


So I found there is a leak in the oil pan video here
Should I Just get a new oil pan and gasket or try and just patch the hole?

You have to see where the oil is coming from. The best way is to use a degreaser like gunk and get the pan clean so you can see where it is coming from.

Put in 1 Qt. and watch. If it all drained out in 4 hours, 15 minutes should be enough time to spot where it is coming from. Do not go under the car if it is only supported by a jack. I want you to make 18.

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Good for you in changing the oil your self. I assume since the car (what is it by the way-make, model, miles, any history on it) had been sitting for 6 months you got a good deal on it. Check the gasket around the oil pan, a small leak may not drip straight from a hole in the gasket but run across the pan until it hits a low point and then drips down. The pan may have a hole in it. Take some paper towels and clean the pan real well. Add some more oil and check in an hour or so to see if you can spot the leak. Put newspaper or cardboard under the pan and see if that can help you locate the leak. Do not drive the car with low oil, you will end up with more problems than you signed up for. Once you locate the leak post back and there will be a bunch of folks who will give you good advice on the next steps to take.

ok will do thanks

Did you make sure that the old rubber gasket was still on the oil filter that you removed and not stuck to the engine? Also, there is a crush washer that you replace when you put the oil pan plug back in. I saw a 2nd Lutenient drain and replace the oil and filter once. He started it up and oil went everywhere. I yelled at him to cut the engine. Looked at the old filter and the gasket was gone. Looked at the new filter and you could see it sitting away from the block.

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Is the engine oil pan steel? (as opposed to aluminum)

As others have mentioned, you need to thoroughly clean the whole pan and add some oil to the engine.

Then what you want to do is follow the leak upward and try and determine if the source of the leak is above pan (and running down), at the gasket between the pan and engine block (where all the little bolts hold the pan), or whether it’s coming from the pan itself.

Note: It is possible for a steel oil pan to become porous in an area because of rust and develop “pin-hole” leakage. The oil can ooze right through the pan when this happens. if you suspect this then wipe the oil away from the leaking area and see if it quickly reappears there, confirming your suspicion.

Just my two cents, but if the oil dripped out just sitting there not running, it almost for sure has to be a pan leak or the drain bolt, doesn’t it? The oil will all be contained in the pan when it is not running so could not seep out the filter or the oil pan gasket. Might be something else screwed into the pan like the oil level sensor that I had in my Buicks, but I think for sure clean the outside of the pan and see where it’s dripping.

There also exists a dye you can add to the oil that’ll light up under ultraviolet light (“blacklight”) and show you exactly where oil is leaking from. You can get the kit at any parts store.

So I found there is a leak in the oil pan video here
Should I Just get a new oil pan and gasket or try and just patch the hole?

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Naw just get yourself a new one. If the pan was in good shape you could even try to weld the hole but that pan is pretty well rusted up so failure in other parts would be likely even if you plugged the hole. Oil is pretty important and you wouldn’t want to lose all your oil unexpectedly due to another leak.

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Great work!
The cause of the leak appears from the video to be rust. If that’s true, your only real solution IMHO is a new pan.


yeah I see that, and it is gonna be tough to patch that, you could go to junk yard and get that
part pretty cheap.
not sure how hard that pan is gonna be to change but that would be the best scenario, of course you will
need a new oil pan gasket as well. And must clean old gasket out completely so no old gasket is left around
or it might leak when new one installed.
Now if its something where you have to remove a seriously amount of parts to change perhaps there is some
liquid weld that someone might suggest, but with the oil, it probably would leak? Might be worth a try if your
low on funds.You would want to drain it ofcourse before applying and keep a real eye on your oil.
Also could weld a spot on there, but you will need a welder to do that.
Whatever you do, keep oil in it while driving…Goodluck

Nice job finding the leak. I tip my hat to you.
You might try a self-tapping sheetmetal screw with a rubber gasket as a temporary fix, but my guess is that the pan will need to be either welded or changed.

The oil pan was replaced a month ago, some may recall responding;

Congratulations on a job well done.

That doesn’t look like a new oil pan.

The Person who started this thread replaced oil pan around October 20,2016, Having multiple threads can be confusing from the same person.

Me thinks we are done here.

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I’d like to hear from the OP on this. The photo clearly does not show a new pan.
Perhaps it was recommended that the oil pan be changed but it was never done?

If you click on the OP’s icon or anyone else you can see the threads they started. Kilsnacks made a post on Oct 18-2016 that shows what they had to do to change the oil pan.

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If so he must have installed a used pan. Or this is a different vehicle.
Used parts need to be well inspected before installing, but not everyone does that step.