3 Good Choices, What to do?

Get the Solara, it looks like art on wheels.

I bought the cheaper of the Solaras. We bargained them down to 9750, and they redid the brakes and flushed all the fluids for us as part of the deal. I had had my friends test drive it for me since it was far away and I couldn’t get out of work, but today I drove it for the first time and there was no comparison with the other Solara. This one drives much better. In hindsight I think the other Solara has bad struts; the brothers were talking to someone about that last Saturday on the radio. When I closed the door I noticed the car would kind of bounce back and forth, and the steering seemed really soft. I kinda just assumed that’s how the Solara was supposed to be but I guess not. The handling is really much better, pretty close to the Mazda and with lots more power since it’s a V6. So we’re pretty happy. Hopefully I don’t have to worry about sticking carseats in the back anytime soon!

Went with the Solara for $11000 out the door. Thanks everyone for your input!

The $10900 Solara has 50K miles, what is the mileage on the $9900 Solara? You can eat up the $1000 difference quickly in getting the cheaper one up to date on maintenance. At 30K miles Toyota recommends coolant change, new plugs, all new filters etc. If the cheaper car didn’t get that stuff and now has 50-60K miles then I’d probably go with the higher priced car.

If the cheaper car’s seller does the brake job and performs some of the maintenance and/or puts some new tires on it that would move me back to the cheaper car.

You are the only one who can see both cars and get the whole picture now. Make the call and enjoy your new Solara. I think either one would make a good car.

I hear the Yaris isn’t nearly as good as the old Suzuki Swift.

Good luck with the new car!

haha, oh, you had to go there!