3.2% alcohol beer in Coldorado grocery stores. Why 4.5% Smirnoff?

We counted on grocery store alcoholic beverages being maximum 3.2% alcohol.
Just discovered that Smirnoff ICE Green Apple is 4.5% alcohol.

How is that possible?

Since I am on call 24/7, I dilute a glass of 3.2% beer to 1/2 beer, 1/2 water and ice cubes.

(Interesting that Smirnoff’s “12-ounce bottle” is 11.2 ounces.)

Thank you.

This is a question for your state liquor regulatory agency.

Why drink at all since you have to drive a vehicle? Smirnoff is a malt beverage and has more alcohol. It’s the nature of the beast because it’s not a beer.

It looks like if it’s higher than 3.2%, they can sell it but they can’t call it “beer”, even if it tastes and looks exactly like beer.

"Why drink at all since you have to drive a vehicle? Smirnoff is a malt beverage and has more alcohol. It's the nature of the beast because it's not a beer."
It's half a bottle of 3.2% diluted to 50% water. Is delicious and refreshing and beer is required with pizza.

I thought nothing over 3.2% alcohol was allowed to be sold in grocery stores.
No wine or liquor may be sold in Coldorado grocery stores. (Except ONE store of each company.)

Is that Smirnoff drink the ONLY beverage in the store that’s over the 3.2% limit usually found in Colorado supermarkets? If there are other products with alcohol content over 3.2% the store could have a regular liquor license or a Beer & Wine license allowing them to sell a broader range of alcoholic beverages…

Back in the day, when Joe Coors was able to convince the Colorado legislature that 3.2% beer was a “non-intoxicating beverage” and 18 year olds should be able to legally purchase it, this is how grocery stores got into the beer business…They were allowed to sell 3.2% beer and they could sell it on Sundays…While 18 year olds can no longer buy 3.2% beer, the grocery stores continue to sell a lot of it, much to unsuspecting customers who don’t know or care that it’s “light beer”…

Oy, Robert, you’re scaring me a little. Big +1 to @missileman, and I’m going to close this because it’s off topic. But be careful out there.