2nd diagnostic fee

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has had experience with dealing with two diagnostic fees from the same place? I took my SUV in for misfiring and when I went to pick the vehicle up, they came out to me and said they’re taking it back in because it won’t start. They are going to diagnose it again and then call me back sometime this week.

I would think they would not charge you for a second diagnosis.

I guess the only way to handle this is to ask the shop . If the failure to start is a new problem and they did repair the misfire a fee might be in order . This is a one size does not fit all situation.

Usually, if you have the car fixed there, they waive the diagnostic fee anyway. It is charged so you don’t go in, get a diagnosis for free and do the repair yourself or have someone else do it for cheaper.

Never heard of a separate diagnostic fee where we go, but it’s usually baked into the labor charges. These guys do a good job of explaining the bill though.