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240 Volvo stops without warning

I have a 1991 240 Volvo with 300,000 mile on it. It received a new transmission in Jan. It also got a new water pump, brakes, tires, tune up, and fuel pump relay switch. This car was bought new and has never let me down until the transmission was replace. Now, it stops on me. It makes no sound, just quitely stops. I can steer it to the side of the road. It will restart after I sit there for about 10 minutes. Could this be a fuel pump issue? Thanks for any input.

It could be a fuel pump issue, or it could be something as simple as a worn out ignition switch. At 300k, the possibilities really begin to mount up, but I would suggest having the fuel pump’s pressure tested, and having the ignition switch examined.

Have you ever replaced the crank position sensor? It is about the size of your thumb and it fits in the top of the bell housing at the rear of the engine. Its electrical lead runs down the back of the engine between the engine and the firewall.

Your symptom is consistent with a failing crank position sensor. The only other suspect would be that the fuel pump relay has failed already.

If the crank position sensor has not been replaced, it is WAY overdue. The ones in the 1991s had poor quality insulation on the electrical lead to the sensor, and the insulation disintegrated over time. If you peer down between the engine and firewall with a flashlight and probably a mirror, and you see an electrical wire with the insulation flaking off it, that is your problem.

A new crank position sensor (a.k.a. ignition impulse sensor) will cost you about $60 if you buy it on line. If you pay a shop to replace it, plan on spending about $80 for the sensor and another $80 in labor.

If you have an automatic transmission, it is easier to get out from the top rather than from the bottom. “Easy” being a relative term. Small hands and thin arms are a BIG help for this job, as it is really tight down there. Since your tranny has recently been removed, it won’t be rusted in the hole, so it will come out easily. Don’t drop the bolt in that hole as you pull out the sensor!