240 volvo no lights indication when you start eng. and kills battery, has neg drawing

when i start eng . usually your dashboard light turn on , eng,seatbelts,etc, but that doesnt happens ,but engines starts for awhile and than you see the volt indicator drawing negative.and after a few minutes of running it dies and will not start , battery is dead , I believe there is a short circut or a relay problem

Or a defective alternator.

I would suspect no power getting to the instrument panel. Could be a fuse or the accessory side of the ignition switch. IIRC the alternator gets its starting current thorough the charge lamp in your year 240.

Hope this helps.

Check the fuses and make sure they are getting power through them. There may be a relay involved with the circuit and it may have some bad contacts. In order for the alternator to charge the battery the battery warning light most likely needs to work.