2055 suzuki reno

My 2005 Suziki Reno continues to run after ignition is turned off, dash indicators go off for about 3 second and then the tachometer and temp gauges come back on. I don’t believe it is dieseling, for I can put it into gear and drive away just as if it were on normally. The continues to run until any of the doors are opened, including the hatchback, at which time the car stops and the dash indicators go flat. Ignition switch has been replaced and has new battery. Problem seemed to go away for about 3 months after this service. Problem has been intermittent last fall. The Suzuki dealership seems to have no idea what is wrong. Has anyone had a similar issue who might be able to help.



I may be way off base on this so bear with me. A long time ago I remember a case where a shorted or wrong replacement bulb for an alternator warning light allowed this same situation. The diode trio could pass enough current to keep the electronics going through “ignition #1” even though the ignition switch was in the “off” position.

So has the alternator warning bulb been replaced recently? Does the alternator warning light come “on” when you turn the ignition switch to “run” position but not start the engine? Maybe the mechanic could take out the bulb and measure its resistance to see if it meets specification.

Hope that is what it is.

Hope that is it.


Did you ever find a solution to this problem? My 2005 Reno is doing the same thing.