2024 Ford Focus - Air bad light but it checks out ok

Air bag light on had the wires check but everthing is ok

Is your purse sitting on the passenger seat?

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did you mean a 2014? not sure a 2024 is even out yet. if it is then… Warranty
otherwise, like it_s-Me said, putting something on the seat that weighs less than a human will set of the light. Or you can have a defective seat sensor for the air bag. check under the seat to make sure there are not ant chaffed wires or dirt in the electrical connector that might be affecting the wire connection.

You need to read the system fault in the passive restraint module.

An object on the passenger seat can cause the “Passenger Airbag off” light to illuminate, it should not cause a malfunction.

The last year for the Ford Focus was 2018, the warranty has expired for all of them.

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I wonder if the Focus will be available in the US or only in the EU.

Pretty sure has abandoned the sedan market in the US for the foreseeable future. Notice the European size license plates in those photos?

If the air bag light is on everything is NOT ok.There is more to the system than just wires, find someone who knows what they are doing to check this out.


Who checked “the wires”? This is an important safety system, so this is a case where going to the dealer is probably worth the presumably higher cost.

Were the wires checked by a professional mechanic? If so, they should have scanned the SRS system to see what errors exist. If you haven’t visited a pro shop, it’s time to get their take in the issue.