2024 Buick Rendezvous - Problem child?

are the 2004 buick 3 row cars a problem

Some are and some are not . Of course I have never seen a 3 row car , SUV’s yes.

You title says 2024, but post says 2004. I’m guessing questions is about 2004 buicks. Not a buick owner myself. If no info found here, suggest to stop by your local public libary and review their Consumer Reports Used Car Guide that covers 2004 cars. Compilation of car owners replies about reliability problems they’ve had w/ the cars they own. I think those guides are published every year & cover the previous 10 years, so even a recently published version will likely have the info you’re looking for. . Ooops, my mistake, if covers 10 years, publication date would have to be 2014 or earlier. These guides sometimes found in bookstore and even supermarket magazine-shelves too.

I’m guessing they don’t have a clue.

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Model year was not selected in the scroll down, seems obvious though since that model was discontinued 15 years ago.

EVERY 20 year old car, truck or SUV is a problem… because they are 20 years old!


Same platform and mechanicals as the Pontiac Aztek, as well as the Chevy Venture or Pontiac vans. Some problems with instrumentation and head gaskets being the most common. But really depends on the history of the particular vehicle at this age.