2003 Buick Rendezvous - What problems to expect

110 thousand on it
What problem can I expect
Well maintained

Most people claiming “well maintained” do not maintain their cars well.
Low mileage for a twenty year old car, “well maintained “ means all severe service maintenance performed at recommended time not just mileage intervals.

Problems—who knows?


this may give you some idea…

2003 Buick Rendezvous Problems, Defects & Complaints (carcomplaints.com)

Head gaskets and window problems seem to be common

Expected sort of problems at 110K miles?

  • Electrical Gadgets and gizmos, ignition switch, door lock control, window controls, sun roof motor, radio/entertainment package, dashboard switches, all that sort of stuff likely will begin causing some mostly minor problems.

  • Water pump is reaching the end of its life, again not a major problem provided engine doesn’t overheat. Replace coolant more often to mitigate.

  • Brake parts, MC, pads, calipers likely will need some refreshing.

  • Automatic transmission problems might start cropping up. Routine transmission servicing will mitigate.

  • Hinges & latches may start sticking or otherwise showing signs of wear. Mitigate by oiling/greasing door, trunk, & hood hinges and latches. Good idea to lube all the window moving parts too, but that part is considerably harder to diy’er accomplish.

  • Some engine problem to be expected as well, mostly minor, but major ones possible too. Sensors, actuators, vacuum switches, electrical wiring and connectors. If engine used variable valve timing (which I expect it does), actuators associated w/that function might start to act up. Mitigate by changing engine oil and filter more often.

Anything from the radiator cap to the tailpipe on a 19 year old car.


Look it over and take it for a test drive. If you still like it, get a prepurchase inspection by a shop you trust. That will tell you what it needs. Determine a reasonable asking price for this trim level in excellent condition and subtract the cost of repairs. That’s the most you should pay for this car.