2022 Kia Sorento - Transmission issues

2022 kia sorrento at 3000 miles transmission started jerking , took it in they " fixed a code" 3 weeks later got it back, same issues now the car sounds like its is sports mode just to get from gear to gear and takes 5-15 seconds delay and 3 rpm to shift gears even at 10-20-30-40 50 mph

Took 3 weeks to fix code? Is that dealer speak for fixing a “problem” that code alludes too? What did dealer actually do?

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New car. About the only thing you can do is schedule another warranty appointment at the dealership. Their "fix’ didn’t take or introduced new problems apparently. Could be something as simple as a loose electrical connector. Good idea to maintain a dated record of all paperwork & emails, and a written summary of all verbal conversations w/dealership about this topic.

If you post the diagnostic code you referenced above, you might get some more ideas , theories about what might be causing it.


If the next dealership fix does not result in a lasting fix, elevate your complaint up the chain to corporate level. Instructions are in your owners manual.
Again, as noted above. Keep all records of service work and correspondence.


… and read the specific details of your state’s Lemon Laws, just in case the dealership can’t rectify the problem after 3 attempts.


Can’t hit the like button enough. If I was having any kind of transmission trouble at that low mileage, I’d want that car gone!


Did the dealer do a software update? Reportedly there’s a software update that could help providing it’s not throwing certain codes. Copied with link below.
2021+ Sorento transmission failed - DCT failures/ manufactured date | Page 12 | Kia Forum (kia-forums.com)
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My issues were COMPLETELY fixed by the SA502A ECU update.

It finally feels like I am driving a new car again! Update was done 3 days ago and none of the symptoms have returned (yet). I am at 22,000 miles. I don’t remember when the symptoms started , but it was pretty early after I bought the car brand new from the Kia dealership.

I never got any error codes on the display, but I was experiencing the very noticeable jerkiness/stuttering when putting it in Reverse, putting it in Drive, and coming to a stop. Once in a while when putting in Drive, it would creep backwards as if the clutch wasn’t engaged.

My Kia Service Dept told me they had to scan the computer for specific codes first before doing the SA502A update. If specific error codes showed up, they said they would have to replace the transmission instead. Luckily (I think), no codes showed up during their scan. I am hoping that this means the update fixed it “permanently”.

Manufacture Date “NOV/30/20”