2022 Jeep Gladiator - Fire troubles

My 2021 Jeep Gladiator Overland started on fire with 2,536 miles on it. I stuck a ton of money into this vehicle as it was my pride and joy. parked it all last winter so it did not see snow and salt. Jeep was parked in neighbors driveway when it started on fire. total loss. Jeep claims it is not due to manufacture defect. offers me $48k. I paid $71k 12 months prior. Allstate has been jerking me around for 8 weeks with no resolution.

OK, thank you for that, but we are not lawyers nor an insurance group… Not real sure how we can help you… And I have gap insurances on my daughters vehicle…
Sorry you are having to go through this…


Does anyone know what caused your Jeep to catch fire? The most common cause for a fire in a parked car, engine not running, is probably an electrical system problem of some sort. A friend of mine’s parked car caught fire, fire so serious fire department had to use a fire truck to put it out to prevent other cars & even nearby houses from catching fire. As you might expect it was totaled, all due to a faulty starter motor.

If Jeep will pay you $48k for a burned up vehicle, for which they have no fault, that seems like a pretty generous offer. Suggest you consider that offer carefully, may be your best bet.


Sorry to hear that. but you are not the only one. there have been a few others…

there is a recall if you have a manual tranny for the clutch catching fire.
RCMN-23V116-5176.pdf (nhtsa.gov)

Also an article about the transmission leaking and possible catching fire.
Frustrating Problems With The Jeep Gladiator (motorbiscuit.com)

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Did you pay $71K for just the Jeep… or is that what you paid for the Jeep and “enhancements” total?

I’d hope that the $48K is closer to the price of the actual Jeep… no one is going to reimburse you for your “accessories”…

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Not the original price but the value of a 3 year old Jeep. The accessories might not hold much resale value.

One can option up a high-line Gladiator to $71k MSRP. 8 are for sale within 30 miles of me with MSRP $70k-$73k.


What caused the fire?
A dropped cigarette is not Jeeps fault. A faulty install of an aftermarket stereo is not Jeeps fault. A firey meteorite falling from the sky is not Jeeps fault.

I’m sorry you are dealing with this, @JohnCharles, but unless the fire is actually Jeeps fault, and you or your insurance company or lawyers can prove that- I’d think real hard about taking the $48K from Jeep and whatever your insurance company will pony up on top of that.


I doubt that settlement offer was from Jeep, this is what car insurance is for.

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New 2023’s are being heavily discounted right now, At least one with $15K off between dealer and factory incentives. $48,000 isn’t all that far from reality for a used 2022 at the moment, even with low miles.

Years ago, when I was doing automotive mechanical inspections, I was at a chrysler dealership and saw a guy jumping around his newly acquired dodge prowler (older guys may remember that ugly thing). I did my routine and left.
A few days later, I was at the same dealership and saw a prowler burnt to the ground at the shop corner. The service writer reminded me of the guy dancing around a prowler a few days before. Yes, it was indeed the same piece of machinery. The short story was: the guy took his “pride and joy” to some ball game, exited it, shut the door, pushed the alarm button… and the darn thing exploded.
Chrysler bought it back.
But it’s not the funny part. The funny part is that the happy customer bought another one just like that on the spot. Sounds familiar?
Swear to God true story, and I even have pictures to prove it.
Bottom line: I would NOT recommend you doing the same stupid thing twice because it would be the definition of stupidity, and the outcome will likely be the same or - if you are lucky - similar. Find another pride and joy. For example, Toyota. On the other hand, feel free to ignore and get another jeep.

High on drugs?

I am familiar with the Plymouth Prowler, they don’t explode by remote control. I suspect some modifications were made to that vehicle.

Apparently, you missed one [crucial] detail - the masterpiece was LITERALLY a few hours old so no modifications were/could be done. Don’t underestimate chrysler’s ingenuity :slight_smile:
Granted, I was not present during the salute - I am telling the story as I heard it from the service writer. But I DID see (and took pictures) of the outcome. I am not saying - as you allege - they all explode but as far as I am concerned, one is more than enough to come to a conclusion. Not to mention that it’s objectively ugly…