2022 Ford F-150 - Cabin shakes

Truck cabin is shaking terribly above 55 mph when pulling a trailer with a total load of less than 3000lbs. Tried different hitch height, moved load on different trailer locations, and more. Dealer balanced the tires, no difference. We do not get vibrations with the exact same load using our ATLAS or our Ford Expedition.

I think this is just a post to the Carcomplaints web site and not really a question for the Cartalk Forum . But look in your owners manual for corporate contacts so you can elevate this problem . Solving this might just be more than the dealer can handle or such a rare problem that it might just be your vehicle.

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Try towing in a lower gear.


No shaking or vibrations when driving F150 without the trailer? What if the truck bed is loaded with something heavy, like a bunch of bags of sand, and no trailer? Any vibrations then?

Have you experimented with putting a little weight in the bed when also towing the trailer, staying within the rated load limits of course, does that have any effect?

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