2021 Toyota Avalon - Came with a problem

2021 Toyota Avalon xle awd alignment issue, Car came with crooked steering wheel, toyota dealership have performed alignment 3x and it is still crooked. First time buying a new car and i’m regretting it.
GPS can’t take me home, Toyota need to come up with a fix for this things

Try a different dealership.
And/or elevate your problem up the corporate ladder, instructions are in your owners manual.


Or maybe that is your problem and not the alignment? The wheel should only be straight if you are on a perfectly flat road. The center lane of a 6-lane highway, for example. The left and right lanes are cambered to let water run off and will require a slight turn of the wheel to keep the car straight.

As for this…

Read your owners manual as to how the system works. I’d guess you might be doing something wrong.


On the off chance that there really is something wrong, make sure you get receipts for each visit that shows why you went in. Also, keep those receipts. If you have a lemon, you will need the receipts to prove that the dealer had an opportunity to rapid the car. Do a web search for lemon law in your state and see what the requirements are. I’m not suggesting that you have a lemon, but that you should be ready in case you do.


A friend of mine claimed that his Garmin device “always tells me to turn in the wrong place”. So, I rode with him in order to observe the problem for myself. Because he didn’t drive for several decades, and drives less than 1k miles per year at this point, he tends to go into panic mode when he is behind the wheel, and he acknowledges that reality.

So, what did I observe?
When Ms. Garmin announced right turn ahead, he would jerk the wheel and make an immediate right turn. He did his consistently as I observed, and I was able to identify that problem for him.

His other problem was that it took him ~2.5 hours to drive home from my house, although it should have taken only a bit more than 1 hour. I checked his Garmin, and he had it set for “avoid all toll roads and expressways”. Just as with “turning in the wrong place”, this problem was also of his own doing.

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It’s difficult to believe Toyota wouldn’t catch a steering wheel problem like that before it shipped.
But the steering wheel problem might be the result of some damage to the steering system sustained during the delivery process. Trucker tied it down with too much force, dropped during unloading, etc. In other words, not something an alignment will fix. Suggest the dealership carefully inspect for a damaged or bent steering part. As far as the GPS problem, suggest you defer worrying about that until the steering issue is resolved. One thing at a time. You already know which way to get home, right?


That’s not true with electric steering. The computer compensates for road variations. My 2021 RAV 4 is perfectly straight all the time (except for when one of the tires had a leak that was fixed).

Ms. Siri will specifically tell you “Go past this light and at the next one make a left turn”

It is the same with electric steering as hydraulic or even manual. I have 2 cars in my driveway with electric steering right now and both act exactly as I have described as did an earlier model with electric assist.

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Maybe it’s the model (2021 RAV 4) but I have found that it “centers” the car into middle of the lane (as a matter of fact, if the car or you “wander from the center of the lane, it will take the steering wheel from you and center the vehicle for you. A very annoying feeling, sort of like how the modern cars brake for you if a collision is imminent.

That is then “Lane Keeping” feature on top of electric steering doing that. It is like the “Self Parking” features you see on many cars these days. They are added features on top of the electric assisted steering.

But who knows what the real problem is since we will likely never see another post from @Carman06 explaining the actual problem in more detail.


I’ve heard rumors that they’re selling some new automobiles with the car set up for these features but they’re not functional because off the chip shortage. They hope to be able to add them to these cars at a later date (just to keep things moving). Don’t know if it’s true or not.

No, just like almost all internet rumors, it is not true.
What is taking place is that customers will not be able to order certain optional/upscale electronic features on certain models, but the manufacturers are offering a credit/rebate for the unavailable features.

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Tesla Has Been Delivering New Cars With Missing USB Ports: Report (jalopnik.com)

The Chip Shortage Has Come For GM Crossovers’ Heated Seats (jalopnik.com)

High-Tech Features Some Cars Won’t Get during the Chip Shortage (caranddriver.com)

Go to a large flat parking lot with plenty of empty space; say a mall or empty factory lot. Drive it slowly forward with hands off the steering wheel. If the wheel is still offset then I tend to think there may be an issue with the suspension.

The car could have left the factory fine but coming off a rail car or the transport truck? Who knows what kind of wallop it may have taken. Most do not have problems being unloaded but now and then one suffers damage from a mistake.

Going to lunch one day, a transport driver unloading new Chevys at the dealer next to the dealer where I worked drove one right off the side of the ramp from halfway up. Landed on the right side and the car was declared a total loss.
Several unloaded at my employer received damage a few times while being unloaded but it was somewhat minor and easily repaired pre-sale.

GPS; can’t help with that but agree it may be operator error.

That sounds fair.
I myself just insist on having Apple Play because I can’t find my way to the store without getting lost (and I’m an old timer too). /embarrassing/

Don’t know about that regarding automobiles, but it’s a pretty common thing for manufactures of high tech gadgets to design and build a product in only a single hardware configuration, then use software flags they set or reset before shipping to enable or disable various functions, allowing them to sell the same product in the different market-price segments. You’ve probably heard reports wheres hacker sometimes figure out how to buy the low cost version of the product then set the flags so they have all the features the high price version.

If the product is a vdo game, imo there’s no ethical problems with selling a product that actually could provide a useful function, but the software doesn’t allow it to. But if a product’s safety features are purposely turned off by the manufacturer, it seems like that could pose some ethical issues.