2021 Subaru Outback - anybody got battery problems?

do you have trouble with 2021 Outback battery drain?

Use your warranty , it was included in the price of the vehicle. The chance of anyone with a 2021 anything having battery drain the same as your problem is slim.


The “Bumper-to-Bumper” warranty should still be in effect–unless the OP had driven more than 30k miles already.

Enough Subaru vehicles have battery drain problems for Subaru to issue a service bulletin to guide their technicians. Problems with the electronic parking brake, ignition switch and power back door causing battery drain.

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Thank you. Did not see Crosstrek on here. Might have to do some digging and your help is appreciated

Digging for what ? You are still in the warranty period aren’t you ? Use it.

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Also looking at Crosstrek models

The car is a 2021 which means it could have been sold in 2020 and the battery could have a production date in the early 2020s or (not likely) possible late 2019. Three years and depending upon how much sitting the car went through before sale maybe the battery is just failing due to sulfation.

X number of batteries can fail even after a few months. I bought a new motorcycle battery once that failed the very next day and flat refused to take a charge. Any production line item no matter what it is is going to have a certain percentage of premature failures.

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