2021 Porsche Cayenne - Squeaky brakes

The brakes on my new Porsche Macan squeak! I called the dealer. He said that Porsch has high performance brakes and squeaking is normal. Is this true?

Porsche Brake Squeal Explained: Causes, Solutions, and Next Steps (prestigeimports.net)
the new C8 corvette Z51 has some owners have the same problem. they can get rid of it for a while by doing some hard braking stops. it mentions it in the link above also for Porsche.
also there was a class action lawsuit a couple of years ago for this problem on porsche.

Yes, performace brakes will squeak. It doesn’t mean they won’t work. It is just annoying.

Do a few very hard stops from highway speeds in a safe place every now and again to minimize it. Or buy the lower performance version of the car from VW.

I heard a Porsche w/squeaky brakes the other day, so OP is not alone.

I’ve heard squeaky brakes on every car made. At one time Subaru actually an issue with the brakes grinding horribly even on brand new cars.

Some rain or moisture at night and the first half dozen stops would produce a very loud grinding that sounded like every brake pad on it was metal on metal. It was loud enough that people in other cars would look over like WTH?