2021 Kia Telluride - random surge

Has anyone had their car surge forward while parking or sitting in park and just having the engine just rev up? It’s just like gunning it with your foot on the break or being in park? There has been multiple occassions that it has happened now that I think about it, but the last time I was parking - my car surged forward- I stood on the break- I got stopped, but not before tearing the front spoiler off the bottom of my car and ripping out the wheel well,

Report this to KIA and NHSTA. This could be extremely dangerous.

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Really??? On a 2021? What has the dealer told you when you reported this problem?

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The dealership said that I had to get the damage repaired prior to filing a claim with Kia otherwise my warranty could be voided. And, yes it could be very dangerous, if the embankment wasn’t there I would have most likely went through the yard and landed on the top of the house below

In that case, it might be best to have the body shop at the dealership do the body body work, then the service department can address the mechanical problems.


Kia couldn’t find anything wrong and they said that the body shop wiped out any history that might have been on the car’s computer