2017 Kia Soul - Won't go

When I am parked at say like a stop sign, when I start to go my gas I guess i would say just wont go. I was driving just earlier and I had time to move. Well I pressed on the gas and my car was barely moving and it nearly caused me to wreck. I had literally pushed my gas pedal to the floor (still my car was not going) and I wouldnt have made it unless the car coming hadnt slowed down. Ive had my car checked before but of course they saw nothing wrong. Im not about to die because my car wont go when I press the gas. Please fix this problem.

Try a different Kia dealership.
Elevate your concern up the chain at Kia. Instructions on how to do that is in your owners manual.

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Is this something that happens frequently, or is it a rare intermittent. If it is rare, it would help to see if there are identifiable circumstances that cause the problem.
Also, when it happens, can you put the car in neutral and rev the engine?
Also, when it happens, can you describe what happens as it recovers?

If you bought the car new, it is still under warranty. It is Kia’s responsibility to fix it. If you bought is used and has less than 60K miles it is still under warranty.

If you use your left foot for braking and it is even lightly touching the brake pedal while your right foot is pressing the accelerator when you try to pull away, that is your problem. If the car reads gas and brake at the same time, it will act exactly like this. If you do this, stop it and the problem may go away.


I can’t fix it, but the local Kia dealership should be able to do so.


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Is it revving but not going or just sitting? The first is transmission trouble, the second is probably a bad throttle/pedal position sensor.