2021 Hyundai Tucson - Crazy wait for dealer help

Have collision avoidance system checked… System will stop functioning (will not alert to cars next to me. Several warning lights will illuminate on display and not go off until car is turned off. Problem is cleared when car is re-started. Six weeks wait time before can get an appointment at dealer. First appointment available is January 20, 2022.

just a thought. make sure the sensors are not covered by dirt or it will not work properly and can cause warning lights.

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Would you like us to use our political clout with Hyundai to get you in earlier?


If the OP has not yet contacted Hyundai customer service at the corporate level, I have to wonder why he/she has not done so.

Because the OP contacted US! And we will never hear from them again… maybe.

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I like the signs that say
“If you object to the wait time, please fill out a job application”.
Many people have chosen to retire during the pandemic. My local dealership has ended Saturday hours.

I had a 17 day wait for an oil change, not much one can do.

Thank you. I’m going to try to wait until my 1/20 service date. I am taking photos of the dashboard every time it happens so that I have the dates and times. If I don’t receive the repair needed on this visit, I will ask for your help to get the car back in for service! That car only has 11,700 miles on it.

Thanks so much.


Folks drove for a long time without modern collision avoidance tech. My 2009 Corolla doesn’t have it but I check for other vehicles carefully before changing lanes. Drive carefully for the next six weeks and you should be fine.

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My friend just scheduled his oil change and tire rotation at the Subaru dealership, and the only compromise that he had to make with a 2 day advance notice was a drop-off time 30 minutes later than his desired drop-off time.

Unfortunately, none of us have any influence with any dealerships or vehicle manufacturers.
However, the manufacturer/importer may be able to provide some assistance if you contact them directly.

Have you contacted Hyundai Customer Service at the corporate level, and–if not, why not?

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The delay is likely related to the various Covid problems everybody is encountering. I feel a major source of accomplishment if I’m able to find the store shelves stocked w/ soap and toilet paper on the same day … lol … As long as your car remains drivable, suggest to live w/it, continue to update a document every time it occurs, with the date, time, mileage, and a photo of the dashboard. That will make it easier and faster for the shop to address the problem when it is your time at bat. If the problem makes the car unusable, rather than just inconvenient to use, you’ll have not recourse but to contact the corporate office.

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I was kidding. We have no special influence on any car companies but it seems posters here think we do. As has you are planning, document, document, document!

Guess you have to drive the old fashioned way, I don’t think it would qualify for a loaner.

Yup drive carefully. Been driving without those aids for 50 years with no problem.

So we’ll see. Need to get the Acura in for trans, transfer case, and rear diff. fluid change. I’ll see what they say.


Are there other Hyundai dealers nearby? If so, maybe one of them can see you earlier.

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I call my urologist’s office to get an appointment, lady answering the phone says “can you please hold?”. I’m tempted to say “if I could hold, I wouldn’t have to see the doctor”. Seriously, 8 week wait to get a routine appointment in a major city.


The wait time for specialists is nuts right now…back in October, I had my son’s Pediatrician put in a Peds GI consult for him, Hershey Med Center didn’t have appointments until January…thankfully CHOP GI got him in last week (Still way longer of a wait than I would’ve liked, but it was better than next year…). And yet people still want to bash the wait time in the Canadian healthcare system when ours is as bad or in some cases worse right now…


It’s always been bad for me. A couple of months minimum has always been the case.

I saw my GP in late August. They told me that they were treating my like a new patient because I hadn’t seen the GP for over two years, despite them being unwilling to see patients for routine visits for over a year. I had several unkind thoughts concerning their stupidity.

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I would’ve had those thoughts too…that’s crap. It’s not your fault you haven’t been there for that long. Our mechanic at least made PA inspection easy last year. Quick visual exam of the tires and body, plug in the scanner to check for emissions codes. Far less in depth than normal!

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