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2021 Honda Accord turns over, usually won’t start

Keeps turning over but usually won’t start. When it does start-and it warms up- u can turn off and it will start again until it cools off at which point it won’t start again. Many things have been fixed. There r no codes showing.

A 2021 car–of any make or model–is covered by multiple warranties, and the warranties might even cover towing. It’s time to throw this problem with your fully-warrantied car into the dealer’s lap.

many things fixed and 2021 car does not sound good. what things have they replaced/fixed? are you sure this is a 2021 car?

I suspect your car is a 2001, not a 2021, which does not exist yet.

In any case you need the help of a good mechanic since a no-start can have a number of causes, such as no fuel, worn spark plugs and others.

So you are telling us that… sometime… In our FUTURE… your vehicle will not start…and that many things have been replaced on this vehicle for you (in your past) already.

You are posting comments to a forum that exists in 2020 So…whichever year you actually reside in,…you need to Time Warp back a few to help us Slowpokes catch up a bit.

Either way…your warranty is still brand new-ish… in OUR time

Unless of course your vehicle is a 2012 and I am just being an A$$ as usual.


Assuming it’s older than a 2021, and has an ignition key:

Your engine may be losing fuel pressure as it sits for a while. Try the key dance: turn the key to Run (not all the way to Start) and listen for the fuel pump. It should run for a few seconds then turn off. Turn key to Off then back to Run and wait again. Each time, if the fuel pump is running as it should, you bring fuel and fuel pressure up to the engine. After a few steps of this dance, turn the key all the way to Start. Good luck.