2021 Ford Explorer—Quality is no longer with ford

Do you have anything to backup that silly statement ?


Like all the bad transmissions on the V70 Volvos from the early 2000s? That happened shortly after Ford bought Volvo. A friend of mine says that Ford ruined Jaguar. They aren’t the same anymore after Ford bought them and he would only consider owning a pre Ford Jaguar.

He’s a nut, then. Pre-Ford Jaguars were even worse, reliability-wise. Friend had one, said it was the equivalent of flushing a C note down the toilet, every week, back in 1985.


Coincidentally another site had a ‘tell us about the worst European car’ discussion. Here’s what one had to say about an '84 (pre-Ford) XJ12:

“1984 Jag XJ12 – my neighbor growing up bought one new. I remember it being towed out of his garage about once every other month for the first year and a half he owned it. Many, many dealer repairs. The final straw for him was when the gas tank rusted out at 18 months old. The gas leaked out onto the sidewalk and the fire department came while he was at work. It went away after that and was replaced by a new BMW 5er.”

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What about the later 90s Jaguars?

Sounds like water in his gas tank was the problem the whole time! Would have to be salt water to rust a tank in 18 months.